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The mission to contribute to the environment protection has always been the Company’s priority apart from commercial goal and good corporate governance practices. Work safety and environment protection are great importance to us. During the year, the Company has organized and initiated few safety based programs to promote and practice safe working behavior and safe working conditions. The progress on safety related matters are being reviewed by the top management in safety meetings which are held regularly. A wide range of activities and new technologies are continuously adopted to treat the effluent water discharge & emission of gases meeting the norms.

Waste water : The waste water from the production process and other sources is treated in very efficient effluent treatment plant at primary stage followed by secondary treatment based on activated sludge principle. Some of the parameters are monitored on real time basis for effective monitoring.

Air pollution : Scrubbers for treatment of spinning exhaust have been designed based on absorption and oxidation of hydrogen sulphide where hydrogen sulphide is getting converted into element sulphur. The sulphur recovered from these scrubbers is reused in the manufacturing process. After scrubbing the gases are discharged to atmosphere through a very high stack of 175 meter height chimney. Recently, the Company has implemented project of caustic scrubbing of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) to further minimize the smell of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) which generates at very low threshold level. The Company has also through debottlenecking increased recovery of Carbon Disulphide (CS2) using activated carbon based technology. With successful commissioning of these projects, the emission levels of CS2 and H2S has reduced substantially and the same has been acknowledged by community members and various Government agencies. In addition, the Company has taken various other steps to improve air quality surrounding the plant to address the issue of smell.

Solid waste : All types of solid waste generated during production process and other activities are being segregated and disposed off through the authorized agencies for further treatment. Since last few years, some portion of solid waste has been started using in cement manufacturing process which is more environmental friendly.

Gas emission : Sulphuric acid plants are designed on DCDA principle with efficient demister followed with two stages scrubbing system to control SO2 emission.

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